Yet another look at multithreading

Reminder: of course I can be wrong, of course I can disregard technology, of course I might be a complete fool…

Here's my little wrap up.

Lets assume you are a young fresh programmer, tasked at multi threading in the endless rush at performances… Here comes a bunch of valuable (I hope) remarks/question…

As this page was getting BIG, I decided to refactor it in 4 components:

  1. Is it a good idea ? Where I go on and on and beg you to think twice before going multithreaded
  2. The perilous of multithreading The perilous of multithreading
  3. I heard I could use lock-free programming Yes you can make complex code even more complex!
  4. There's a fly in the soup, I need to debug... You have an issue with multithreaded code? It's show time!
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