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Download MemTracer binaries


Download MemTracer source

Projects and solutions

MemTracer is divided in 3 solutions :

  • MemWatcher
    • MemWatcher : the DLL that hook/log/forward allocation
    • MemGoat A sample test application using MemWatcher
  • MemTracer_Console a small console application that connect to the logger and display memory usage
  • MemTracer a .NET user interface that connect to the logger and display memory usage


MemWatcher uses Detours Express 2.1 for DLL hooking, you can download it freely (for non commercial use) at :
WARNING You have to place detours.lib and detoured.lib in the MemWatcher folder

MemTracer uses Debug Interface Access. It is normally installed with Visual Studio.

The project references "Dia2Lib". If it says the package is missing, then locate msdia80.dll and execute

regsvr32 msdia80.dll

Current Build

Current build is "20090904_ 15500"



Of course, there's lot of bugs, if you find any please let me know at:

supzim at yahoo dot com

Revision History


  • Added a warning message if dbghelp is out-dated


  • Added a small fragmentation overview control

20081023_ 02719

  • Fix bogus sum in TreeView


  • Fix bugs in network packet reception
  • Improved network bandwidth


  • Fix for possible deadlock during initialization

20080926_ 12023

  • MemTracer shutdown correctly even if MemWatcher didnt close correctly
  • MemWatcher shutdown correctly even if you forget to free the library


  • Force MemTracer to use IPv4 (and ignores IPv6, there's no IPv6 in Memwatcher anyway)
  • Now using SourceGrid for better Data Grid performances


  • Added a TopX like interface
  • Fixed bug with application overloading operator new/delete
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